Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Remember Who You Are


If your mind is a vortex
Losing its context
You're wondering what's next?
Stop. Listen to your heart
That steady beat 
Keeping you alive
Feel it
Appreciate it
Treat it with the respect it deserves
Silence your doubts
Calm your mind
The swirling thoughts within you
Will only ever confuse you
Stand firm and resolute
Silence your doubts
Focus on peace and energy
Find your centre
Find your place
That tiny trace of who you were
When times were happy
Be the you that you deserve
Be the you with the genuine smile
Be the you that you remember
Distance yourself from the toxic
Leave the shadows behind
You are unique there is no denying
Shed no tears and stop the crying
Lift your face
Stand proud and defiant
Strength is within you
Let it shine like a light
No more hiding in the night
Your mind is a vortex
Take command and control it
You are your destiny
The past your foundation
The future your path
Tread with conviction
Purpose and direction

You are in control.

Copyright ©2017 Mark Kelly


  1. Another great piece. Reminds me of the whole concept behind mindfulness and that I need/must take time out of my day to calm my thoughts and focus on the present. I always feel rejuvenated after I do. :)

    1. I've heard of Mindfulness - supposed to be big business nowadays. I do think, however, most of it is common sense and somewhere along the way we've lost that part of our common sense, that way of seeing the world and our role within it for what it really is. Can we blame social media, maybe to blame? Wild guess really.