Friday, 31 August 2012

Bad Broadband

Once again, here I am finding myself apologising for my silence... but it's not all my fault!

In July I signed up with BT for their super-fast fibre optic broadband. All went well with the 10 day 'burn-in' period, then on 3rd August it all went squiffy. My connection continually dropped, sometimes leaving me without a connection at all, and other times, only giving me 60 seconds before it cut out again.

Well, many, many phone calls, and one engineer visit later, I am still in the same situation - yet I write this during one of my 'good' moments of connectivity. I now await an engineer to call on 4th September (the engineer call arranged for yesterday, 30th August just didn't happen - they didn't turn up and couldn't be bothered to tell me).

So fingers crossed they will fix my problem and leave me with a fault free service, otherwise I can promise BT, I will be cancelling, though it pains me to say so. Normal service will resume once I have a reliable connection.


JoJo said...

Sorry you are having so many internet problems. Hope it's sorted soon!

Deborah Walker said...

Jeez. I nearly went with BT when I moved house, now I'm glad I didn't. I hate not having internet access-- poor you.

Corvus Press UK said...

I sympathise, I have been there myself. It is that it is beyond our control that makes it so frustrating.

Allison said...

That is sad. I've had internet like that while I am trying to game online with friends, and it is so frustrating.

Allison (Geek Banter)

ben268 said...

This is the most frustrating thing in the world. I'm going through something similar trying to get internet hooked up in a new apartment. The techies just don't show up when they say they will.

Mark K said...

Welcome to the Hearth, Ben and thanks for stopping by :) - As for the tech guys, I've now had two 'no show' dates, so my patience is being stretched to the limit. But unfortunately I have to play their game - for the time being.

Joined your blog - love the bamboo keyboard :)

Mark K said...

Such a shame that in this, the 21st Century, broadband connections can still be as shite as our earliest 56k dial-up internet times.

But appreciate the comments peeps - at least I can share the frustration with kindred spirits ;)