Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Infinite Third - Billy Mays III

Image copyright of Billy Mays III
& Infinite Third
It's not often that you find a musical artist with whom you feel truly connected with via their music, and it is less often such an artist is so warm, open and genuinely passionate about sharing their art form with their fan base that they offer it up virtually for free.

This is why I am honoured to be presenting to you, my fellow blogofs, one such person. He is an extremely talented and genuinely creative individual who doesn't shy away from interacting with his fan base. His name is Billy Mays III, and you can find him on TwitterFaceBook, and here on YouTube .

In attempting to describe his music I realise that it encompasses a plethora of genres, of which the ones that spring to my mind are: electronic, ambient, experimental and chillout. But on reading his site info, other descriptors mentioned are: drone, shoegaze, soundscape, healing, love, spiritual and relaxing, to name but a few. I've listened to his music for the better part of a year now and am the proud owner of five of his albums, one of my favourites being 'Innermost Center '.

To listen to his latest album, also free to download, follow this link to (eardrops) by Infinite Third.
But you can support this musician by giving a donation when downloading his music, which I think is fair when you consider the amount of work Billy puts into each album.

Below is one of my favourite tracks entitled, "To Dream To..." - I think you'll agree, it's sublime, whilst being hauntingly beautiful. This music most deservedly belongs in film - only my humble opinion ;)

A big 'thank you' to Billy Mays III for giving me permission to write this little piece. All copyright for Infinite Third and the Infinite Third logo and accompanying videos/music belong to the artist, Billy Mays III. Enjoy :)


Elizabeth Twist said...

You find the best music.

Mark K said...

Heeeey, Aunty Liz! :) I wondered where you were? This guy is amazingly talented, and nice with it (plus he's pretty good at graphic design, which makes me sick ;) ).

So glad you like it - our aim is to please.

Aguilar Elliot said...

haven't heard of him before. thanks for sharing this!

Claudia Del Balso said...

Hi Mark,
Thank you for sharing this find. I hadn't heard of Billy Mays III. This reminded me of "Hairy Piano" by the UK duo Moodswings. I have one of their albums, "Moodfood" (1992) I absolutely love this album, especially the songs, "Rainsong" and "Spiritual High". Do you know them? I'm assuming you know them because you have an eclectic taste in music ;)