Friday, 3 August 2012

The Dangers of Using External Images on your Blog

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I've recently gained a fellow blogger as a follower (wow, that rhymed rather nicely) by the name of David Powers King. Perusing his blog I read his latest article regarding the use of images taken from the internet. It makes for very informative and disturbing reading concerning the copyright issues of such a practice.

So I'm providing the link here to David Powers King: The Cosmic Lair of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the article in question. I seriously suggest you read it. David helpfully provides links to several sites for trouble-free use of images and photos.


JoJo said...

Well as you know, I take most of my photos and I have been distressed to see them being used w/o my permission b/c our blogs are powered by google, so google imaging things pulls stuff off everyone's blogs. I was on Facebook one day and saw that one of my friends commented on a photo, on a page that I didn't belong to, but it was MY photo. I was frickin PISSED.

As it turns out, the person running the page was a classmate and he told me that he googled the phrase 'Jarves Street Christmas' and my photo came up so he saved and used it on his FB page. I had used it on my blog years ago to show what the holidays looked like in my hometown 'back in the day'. He credited me accordingly but I was pretty upset. Now that photo that I use as the header on my blog has been shared and used by other bloggers, some w/ my permission, some w/o. It's a slippery slope. You want to put your photos out there, but once they are on the web, there's not much you can do to protect them.

michelle said...

Over the past 3 weeks, lots of writers have been blogging about this topic.
A bestselling author was sued for using somebody else's pics on her blog. Read her story here:

Lydia Kang said...

Toni's story is making the rounds. I had to take down a lot of images off my Pinterest page because of it, but I also emailed a lot of artists who gave me permission to pin, which was great.

Pk Hrezo said...

Hey Mark! Hope you're doin well. It's really scary but I'm glad we are all becoming more aware of what we can and cant do on our blogs.

Jedediah said...

As someone who uploads a lot of photos to the web, I'm very conscious of this. To my knowledge, I never had anything stolen and I publish most under a CC licence anyway, but that "I found this via Google, so I can use it"-idea bugs me.

Flickr is another really awesome resource for photos. You can actually search for photos published under a CC licence
and there's tons of useable stuff there.

Mark K said...

Appreciate your input peeps. It certainly seems to be dangerous ground, but I think it's all about awareness, but not only that, I think it will make us, as bloggers, more resourceful and also independent in the production of our own imagery.