Friday, 3 August 2012

Mean Mina's Question Challenge... Grrr!

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Mina, I love you as a blogof, but man, you be tryin' my patience girl with this one! It's MASSIVE! Sooo many questions, too! I will endeavour to answer as best as my ageing brain will allow, but I'm not going to continue with the tagging game - I do hope you understand.

So, the culprit I am answering to is none other than the Goth Mistress of the Blogosphere herself: Mina Lobo of 'Some Dark Romantic'.

Apparently I have to reveal 11 things about myself. Eleven. Hell, that's going to be tough - but I shall do my utmost to fulfill this blog ritual as best I can, though feel free to fall asleep during the reading.

Eleven 'things' about Me:

  1. I could, given the opportunity, sleep all day long, but feel like shite after it.
  2. At one point in my life I had a collection of tarantulas, some breeding, which totalled 35 in all.
  3. As a child I once stabbed myself in the left forearm with a dart and stared transfixed at the thing jutting out, buried firmly in my flesh and muscle.
  4. I have a love/hate affair with chocolate, but since Brussels insisted the UK changed the ingredients of its chocolate due to it containing too much milk, if I consume too much it gives me the shits.
  5. There are times when I am prone to road rage. Before now I have exited my car to have words with a fellow driver.
  6. Rude people drive me nuts - one reason why I can't wait to dump this current job when the contract ends in October - soooo many rude people I have to bite my tongue with.
  7. I love the cool evenings of a hot, summer's day, when the sun is low in the sky and the soft caress of a breeze strokes your skin.
  8. To be surrounded by friends is a wonderful thing, but I also love my own space.
  9. Back in university I did yoga for a year - it was possibly the best my body has ever felt. Do yoga, meditate and de-stress.
  10. Hearing our dog, Darcy, fart still makes me laugh, no matter where we are.
  11. Looking back over my life, I now realise I should have joined the army as the younger, fitter guy I used to be.
And now, I have to answer Mean Mina's ELEVEN! questions below... oh, I'm so going to make you suffer for this, you goth-like devil woman! Grrr! I can't be arsed to type them, so I've copied and pasted, so forgive the untidiness of it all :P
  1. Who would win in a fight: Captain Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka (as played by Johnny Depp)? Defend your answer.
  2. What is your least favorite color and why is it so?
  3. Who was your first celebrity crush?
  4. What are your favorite hamburger (or veggieburger) fixings?
  5. What's the lamest superpower ever?
  6. What's a non-conventional method of dispatching vampires and why do you think it would work?
  7. All you really need is...?
  8. What is your favorite Duran Duran song? ("I don't have one," or "I love them all," are unacceptable answers.)
  9. In the song Wannabe, Scary Spice tells us she "...really, really, really wanna zigazig-ah." What the devil did she mean by that?
  10. When the going gets tough, to what (or whom) do you turn for comfort?
  11. What is your favorite cocktail (if you don't dig cocktails, what's your favorite drink, generally)?

  1. Neither - as they'd realise they had more in common than they first thought, sit down, pull out some weed and get stoned as farts whilst discussing arty-farty issues and why French women do not make for good wives.
  2. I once returned home to our first flat to find my wife had painted the living room in a strange caramel/orange colour. After two days I repainted as that colour actually made me feel nauseous.
  3. I was just 18 and 'Blade Runner' had been released - it was Sean Young.
  4. There is a restaurant in a part of Cardiff known as Pontcanna, which is home to 'Diner 77', and there I used to eat on a semi-regular basis. My burger would have melted cheese, a pineapple ring and mushroom sauce... delicious! Oh yes, Diner 77 is no longer a place I like to go - it's nothing like it used to be.
  5. I could be cutting and say 'America', but I won't... ahem! Superpower ever? Hmm... not sure about a 'superpower', but I always thought Wonder Woman's invisible plane was a pile o' shite.
  6. Sell them a revolutionary 'sun block' cream that will guarantee their safety even in the noon-day sun, and watch them explode in flames as you've really sold them the lowest factor sun tan lotion.
  7. Peace of mind.
  8. Wild Boys - love the video, and played it to death whilst playing Mike Singleton's 'The Lords of Midnight' on my ZX Spectrum 48k... and beating the game.
  9. The answer is obvious - she's desperate for the toilet, and refers to her particular need as 'zigazig', and the 'ah' bit is her losing control of her bodily functions.
  10. I'm not prepared to divulge that information.
  11. As I do not drink alcohol, my favourite drink - now saved for rare occasions - is orange juice and coke mixed. It looks like mud water, is very sweet, and no doubt will strip your teeth and abdominal lining if drank to excess.

~ YAY! I'M DONE! ~


JoJo said...

I also got tagged in this but I have a hard time coming up w/ 11 facts about me that I haven't already shared, and I didn't 'get' some of the questions.....I don't know anything about vampires or superpowers....I don't know what a Scary Spice is although I assume she or it is a Spice girl? And I am 100% loyal to Gene Wilder as Willie, and I've never seen any Pirates movies.

BTW, ew on the tarantulas. That's prolly why your wife painted the room orange. Payback. lol

Deborah Walker said...

Hey. Well done, on completing the tag. Phew. Looks like hard work. I think you should take up yoga again. Also I think that I should take up yoga.

Elise Fallson said...

Fun answers! Though I'm having trouble digesting melted cheese, a pineapple ring and mushroom sauce...sorry but that sounds awful! (; I also got tagged and am just about finished with the post but coming up with 11 things about myself is hard. And I agree with Deborah, you should take up yoga again. (:

Mina Lobo said...

"Goth-like devil woman!" LOL! Mark, you're soooooo good for my ego! <3

Wah, wah, wah, whinge, groan, whine. Doing this tagging game was a good (if exhausting) exercise for me and, given that you'd *abandoned* us faithful readers of your blog for SO LONG, I figured you owed us. >:-)

I found myself nodding quite a bit on your 11 things about yourself, especially on sleeping all day and feeling crappy, loving a cool eve after a hot day, and needing your own space.

As for your answers to my questions: a pineapple ring on a burger seems bizarre to me, though I like pineapple in a fruit salad; I dig your vampire solution!; I agree about needing peace of mind; "Wild Boys" is a great pick; OMG, your answer about Scary Spice is SPOT ON! (I'm guessing); and orange juice and coke?????
Some Dark Romantic

Mina Lobo said...

JoJo, some of the questions are meant to be weird. You're welcome to e-mail me if something doesn't make sense. :-)
Some Dark Romantic

Mark K said...

Hey, you know I'm only pulling your leg and I wouldn't be without your presence on here :)

Mina Lobo said...

That goes without saying, Dungeon Master Mark. ;-)
Some Dark Romantic