Saturday, 29 June 2013

Five Emotive Tunes

Music can deliver an eclectic range of feelings, emotions and memories for the listener. It has been with us since time began, and has the capacity to endure beyond most things we, as humans, like, cherish and love.

I present to you, five of my (but not my ultimate) favourite tracks and the reason/s why.

This afternoon during my training session I had playing on my (rapidly malfunctioning) ghetto blaster a tune by Leftfield from the album, 'Leftism'. The track in question was entitled, 'Melt'. I bought this CD back in the early noughties (2000 - 2009) and loved it. This particular track always puts me in mind of a lazy summer day's end at the beach (a place called Southerndown not far from where I live), watching the sun slowly setting over the sea. Don't ask me why, but it just does - it's one of those tracks within which I can transport back to those heady days as a late teen, full of life, energy and an 'easy come, easy go, live-and-let-live' attitude. Have a listen and see where it takes you ;)

My second offering is from the 1982 film Cat People, starring Natassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell and John Heard as the main characters. This theme, as performed by David Bowie, is mesmerizing to say the least and sets the mood of the film from the very start.
I had met a rather beautiful French exchange student with a love for life and an amazing accent, and eyes so dark they looked almost black. Her name was Nadia and I was smitten. I gladly offered my services as her personal guide around Cardiff, and on one particular evening we went to the cinema to see this film. I recall her reaction as the first pounding notes of the theme tune pulsed out around the darkened cinema - it was such a relief that she took an instant liking to the film.
I still have contact with Nadia, who is now a music teacher and jazz singer, and yes, she still has a gorgeous accent.


For my third selection is a band known as Spyro Gyra and if you click HERE it will take you to their official website. This particular tune, 'Morning Dance' was amongst the first vinyl singles I ever bought as a teenager.
Not realising at the time that this group are what is commonly known as fusion jazz - again, this tune makes me think of a warm, breezy, sunny mornings with a day ahead full of promise. Hope you like it too.

At number four is something from my favourite band, The Police and the album Ghost in the Machine.
I still own this album on vinyl LP, bought for me as a surprise gift from my then, fiancée (a surprise spoilt by one of my then friends blurting, 'What's that behind your back? It's an LP!).
A great album, if somewhat experimental in parts, but still worth a listen. For me, this will always take me back to my teens and my time with my fiancée and the friends I had back in the 80s.


Last of all is Van Morrison and Moon Dance.
I choose this as it plays (no pun intended) a big part in reminding me of a very happy time in my life, and  especially regarding one gentleman by the name of Trevor - once brother-in-law and once best man at my wedding.
Not only was he my best man, but my biggest confidant, my best friend and an amazing powerhouse of positivity, even in the face of continued adversity. He was my anchor when I was unstable and full of doubt, he was my port in a storm when life threw me against the rocks. Trevor is one of those guys you can pour your heart out to and he won't judge or condemn, but listens and will offer brilliant advice and if there is no advice to be offered, then comfort and confidence is there instead.
Trevor's outlook on life is one of glass half full, and I wish I could always be like that, but sadly no. Trevor was the inspiration and driving force that encouraged me to initially write - crap though it was - but because of him I was given the confidence to continue and get to where I am today. He, on the other hand, has had success in writing three books with a fourth along the way and can be found on Amazon if you click HERE.
I hope you've enjoyed the music, possibly the words, and hopefully the discovery of a new author in Trevor Dalton. 
Until the next time...



The Armchair Squid said...

Nice choices. "Moondance" is the only one I know well. Interestingly, it also reminds me of my Best Man. How funny!

Mark K said...

:) - tis a brill song/tune, especially loved it in 'An American Werewolf in London'. Cheers for popping by ;)

Pk Hrezo said...

Hey Mark! I particularly enjoyed this post today cuz i'm right in the middle of a time warp to my early 20s thru music. It's amazing how it transports us, isn't it? Maybe cuz I'm approaching 40 this year, but for some reason that early stage of adulthood feels so fresh when I listen to the music of that period (early 90s.)Matter of fact, my entire story I just wrote revolves around the very subject.
Funny I remember Cat People! And The Police was my first album when I was 10. :)

Mark K said...

Hell, you make me feel so old now... I turn 50 next year, so I know how you feel - of sorts ;)