Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Training Day

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This afternoon I decided to mix it up a bit, with regards to my 'training'. Why the italics? Well mainly because I'm limited to what I can do functionally due to the fact I have two tears of the right meniscus and a rotator cuff issue - my knee is awaiting a surgery date, and the shoulder is awaiting a scan date before surgery. So the old routines  are off the menu.

But today is gloriously sunny, everyone is out - including the neighbours - so I thought, what the hell, and plonked 'The Very Best of Euphoric Dance BREAKDOWN ' on the ancient boom-box I have, and cracked on with a heart-pumping session.

Normally I would perform the following, aiming for as little rest (if any) between sets:

10 x squats with 5kg dumbells (lifted out with straight arms as you sink into the squat, returing to your side as you stand).
10 x crunches with slight twist to hit obliques.

10 x push-ups, varying hand positions if you're feeling fiesty.

- so this will equate to 3 sets of 10, minimal rest - no rest, x 5 = 150 reps in total.

20 x lunges, holding 5kg dumbells with strong grip but relaxed arms ( left leg lunge, then right leg lunge = 1 rep).

20 x strict arm curls with 5kg dumbells.

20 x half-curls (fully extended arm to mid level then lower again).

20 x half-curls (mid level to shoulder level then back to mid level).

20 x full curls with cheat.

10 x tricep kickbacks with dumbell (arm held at 90 degrees, dumbells towards the floor, then extend arm out and behind until  straight, hold for a second, then return = 1 rep).

20 x alternate single arm shoulder press.

10 x upright lateral lifts with dumbells.

10 x bent over flys with dumbells.

Session ends with stretching.

But today I decided to do 50 x squats with dumbells, then 50 x crunches, then 50 x push-ups and then into the dumbell routine. And being such a lovely day I took the 4kg medicine ball I have out into the garden and did 20 high throws and catches, then 20 kettle bell style squats and with overhead single arm swings into a press, and lastly passing the ball around my body from one hand to the other 10 times then switch direction for 10.

All-in-all, this took roughly an hour, give or take 5 minutes, and got me to a nice level of respiratory and heart rate. As for the knee and shoulder, well, I know them well enough not to go beyond their safe limits.

Finished with stretching, then gave Darcy a shower bath with the hosepipe and dog shampoo on the back garden decking. Banana and peanut butter smoothie to round things off.

I have to admit, doing the medicine ball routine in the garden in just a pair of shorts was a lovely change, plus my body gets to boost its vitamin D stores whilst getting a bit of colour in the process :) - not that I'm a sun worshipper by any stretch of the imagination.

Needless to say, DO NOT attempt the above session if you have any physical or medical conditions that can result in further discomfort, pain or injury and consult your doctor BEFORE engaging in any new training program. Always remember to hydrate before, during and after exercise, cool down and stretch thoroughly, but nothing too vigorous - keep it gentle and relaxed. If you're still sweating after you've showered and changed, then you didn't cool down long enough.

And remember one last thing: the ice pack is your best friend :) apply to areas that are aching or sore for 15 - 20 minutes, and an hour between repeat applications.

If anyone out there does try this routine, please let me know how you got on - but don't hold me liable if you throw up or anything else unexpected happens.

Remember, one person's medicine is another person's poison ;)

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