Sunday, 9 June 2013

Music While You Work

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Mark Kelly © 2013 All Rights Reserved

All good things should be shared, and the site I'm about to share with you is no exception. I discovered it via my iPad in the app section. It's basically a streaming site for online DJs to strut their stuff and you can also do 'live requests' via the chat window.

There are two channels: ambient and beats - needless to say, I'm always on the ambient channel, especially good when writing.

So, without further ado, here is the link to the site concerned, so click on the name and add it to your browser bookmarks: it's called - I hope you enjoy :)


Milo James Fowler said...

Very cool! I enjoy ambient/post-rock while I write. No lyrics to distract me. Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You are a couple of my favorites.

Mark K said...

Hi Milo, welcome to my blog - you might also want to checkout '' where you can pick favourite indie albums and listen to them in their entirety for free.

sqgl said...

Heh, just did some vanity googling (since I run Replayscape) and foudn your kind words. By coincidence I discovered and added ThisWillDestroy a few days ago. Thanks Milo for reminding me about Explosions, I must add them too. Mark, just to clarify, the live requests usually get *remixed* immediately if there is a DJ online. I don't recall seeing a "Mark K" in the chat room but will keep an eye out for that nick in future. It is especially interesting to meet people who have a blog (to give context).

Mark K said...

Well, knock me down with a feather! I am most humbled by your visit, 'sgql', and honoured.

I always believe in giving praise where it's due - so kudos to you and all involved :)