Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Usual Suspects... A GWs2 Guild Member Line Up

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Although all the players from my Guild Wars 2 guild have now left the game, either from overkill game time, boredom, disillusionment or real life taking centre stage, I thought I'd share with you the player character portraits I did for our guild when it was at its busiest.

The screen shots have been doctored in Photoshop to give the images a sense of portrait rather than screenshot, so forgive the odd lack of clarity - also are missing several guildies whom I didn't get round to taking screen shots of, as they had decided to quit the game beforehand.

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The (MiLE) aspect of the guild name is an in-game tag that all guilds are required to use when forming. This makes for easier recognition at a glance, as all character names have it as a suffix to their onscreen name. Its origins go back to the original game, 'Guild Wars' where Guild vs Guild (GvG) competitions played a big part of the overall game mechanic, and were essential for guild rank listings world-wide. The newer game, 'Guild Wars 2', does not, however, have GvG - odd for a game bearing the name of 'Guild Wars'? I suspect it is one of the main reasons why so many former players of the original decided to leave the newer game within months of playing.

Below is a graphic I did for the guild's FB page. I did it to inspire (Ha! how ironic is that?) and  give the guild some sort of basis of cohesion. Oh well, at least I tried...

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The name 'Fyloh Phaxx' is a long standing character name I use, initially for
a bit of a laugh, but I've grown to like it and now feel it's part of me after using
it for over 10 years of MMO gaming.

I have since returned to the game as of yesterday. I feel the need to take my characters through the game world to explore, plunder and generally be heroic, and if they make friends along the way, all the better. Who knows, maybe the Midnight Legion will be once again reborn?

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