Monday, 20 April 2015

A-Z Day 17

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Q is for Queen.

I'm dealing with two subjects here for today's post, both both are linked and directly related, so I think I'm in the clear :)

First off is my music selection of Queen's ' Who Wants to Live Forever ', as used in the film "Highlander". This is amongst my top 20 favourite films, 'but why only the top 20?' you might be asking yourself. When the film was first released it would have sat in my top 10, but as the years have rolled by and I now view films with different eyes I see things in it that, well, just let it down.

There is, for starters, Sean Connery - a Scot who is supposed to be playing a Spaniard, but that eternal bloody voice - no matter what film he's been in, no matter what nationality he's played, he always has the same damned voice. His role in Highlander was no different. Then there is Christopher Lambert's accent: A French actor trying to play a Scotsman. Then, and this was the biggest spoiler for me, was the finalé, where Connor becomes 'the one', and is lifted by mystical, energy into the air, with lightning flashes and explosions all around, but alas this only aids in illuminating the wires lifting Mr Lambert upwards. Scene ruined.

The film's saving grace though, for me, was the main villain: the Kurgan, as played by Clancey Brown, who to my mind brought the right amount of menace to the role, in both character and physical appearance, not to mention it was this role that launched his career. Nicely done.

*additional* - I've found this video combining scenes from the film and the song together. Very touching. Ihope you enjoy and it sparks within you the desire to watchthe film once more.

As for the song, this is an amazingly poignant piece by Queen, which I think shows them (and Freddy) at their peak, and firmly entrenched in the minds of people both film and band. Such a tragic loss when Freddy Mercury passed away on November 24th 1991 at the age of 45. The music world has been a sadder place for his leaving, something I feel the rest of the band never ever recovered from, and in a way, was the passing of the band Queen itself. Now enjoy the song as performed by the legends themselves.


  1. Princes of the Universe... nice Highlander reference. Queen is one of those groups who pulled out all the stops and were hailed for it. I cannot think of one group that has since Queen....

    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    There's no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

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  2. You hit the nail on the proverbial head there, Jeremy. They even lifted up a rather camp remake of 'Flash Gordon' with their signature touches to the sound track - I rather enjoyed the film and have it on DVD as the two combined provide a great visual and aural delight of escapism.