Friday, 24 April 2015

A-Z Day 21

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U is for Undressing.

As a follow-on from my ' Kissing ' post some letters back, today I present to you the next installment which is 'strangers undressing each other for the first time'.

Once again, a fascinating study of human interaction and behaviour, but also a very bizarre scientific study. It would seem Tatia Pilieva has a deep fascination for the human condition and scrutinising it through the lens of a camera. And it works. As an observer you cannot help but be drawn into the scene of two strangers interacting in one of the most awkward scenarios we've all experienced in our lives - the only difference being, we've had the luxury of being attracted to that person and had time to get to know them to a greater (or in some instances, lesser - yeah, you know who I'm talking about, you one-night-standers! *smiling here*) degree.

I think some of them are quite obviously attracted to each other, whilst others are just polite and sweet together.

So watch, try not to feel too uncomfortable, and hopefully enjoy... but not like that. Seriously? C'mon!


  1. sure I asked my wife before we were married to undress for that is just weird, it could be considered awkward...

    1. Thanks for that Jeremy, you made me laugh regarding the science bit :)

  2. That was kind of cute and a lot creepy. The journalist in me is full of questions, how where they chosen and how were they paired up and the big question, why?
    I wrote about you today...

    1. 'Cute and a lot creepy' - that sort of sums it up nicely. Like you, Doreen, I too have wondered if they are allowed to pic who they'd like to be paired up with or not. I'm sure there had to be some sort of criteria? That one young lad certainly seemd eager to get kissy-kissy with his opposite number.

      You wrote about me today? Odd, reading that it almost sounds like saying, 'I had a dream about you today...' lol - hope it wasn't all bad. You know that I'll now have to go and see. Damned curiosity!