Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A-Z Day 18

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R is for Rescuer.

This really needs no explanation, but it will possibly (if you have a heart and love dogs) move you tears as it did me. But for all those wonderful organisations and workers and volunteers who do a fantastic thing in saving, not only dogs, but ANY animal that requires rescuing - you are AMAZING PEOPLE. Thank God for them and all the truly wonderful work they do. Please support your local rescue centres (centers for the US).


  1. I cannot watch the video, all of the animals in our home are rescues... kill shelters. I hate to see animals suffer from the hands of some a-hole that gets a animal only to abuse it, our dog was given to two seven year old kids that kicked, threw her around, slammed a door into her face and the response from the parents was... well next time we'll get a bigger dog. It makes me so so angry, to think if we didn't get her... sorry a little early morning vent.


  2. I understand where you're coming from, Jeremy, and my apologies if this post got you all fired up, but if you'd watched the video you will find out that the dog in questionwas a 'street dog' that had been hit by a car and rescued.

    But I'm 100% with you on your sentiments. Darcy was a recue dog and we'd do the same when the time comes. Basically, I just wanted this post to show what fantastic work these vets and rescue workers do for animals.