Monday, 6 April 2015

A-Z Day 5

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E is for Entertainment.

Thought I'd share one or two of the things I do for entertainment and see how they compare with your choice of relaxing pasttime/s.

I am, without question, an iPad convert. Bought initially 2 years ago as a surprise Christmas present I wasn't too fussed - strangely I have the slight distrust/dislike of Mac products. Strange merely for the fact I use three of them (life can be strange indeed).

So now I use my iPad for music when training, web browsing in snatches, but most of all, watching Netflix. This is my media drug of choice for the present.

So, aside from various films, I do find the box set genre totally absorbing. When I've had a crummy day I escape into Netflix and my tv series of choice. Breaking Bad was amazing, I have to admit. Initially sceptical as I didn't want to 'follow the crowd', but the crowd were not wrong.And now my fix of choice is the US comedy series, 'That 70s Show', something I once caught when shown on terrestrial tv, I now have the complete series at my finger tips. The cast are great and the interaction is so funny at times.

I do have to say though, I am noticing some similarities between the characters and story lines of 'That 70s Show' and those of 'The Big Bang Theory' (another favourite of mine). For instance, both use foreign characters, Fez (70s), and Raj (TBBT). And also there is that hint of something boardering on a bromance between Fez & Kelso (70s (Ashton Kutcher's character)), and Raj and Wallowitz in (TBBT). Then you have the remaining friends and main cast: Donna & Eric (70s) the main boyfriend/girlfriend, and Leonard & Penny (TBBT). So maybe 'The Big Bang Theory' owes something to 'That 70s Show'?

Presently my gaming distraction is that of 'The Elder Scrolls Online' now it has gone into a 'free-to-play' model, although the game still needs to be purchased first. But it keeps me connected with several of my closer online gaming buddies, and when there is no-one from the guild we formed online, then I turn up the in-game music to full and wander the landscapes collecting various resources (plants for Alchemy, metals for Smithing, wood for Carpentry and rune stones for Enchanting).

Strange as it may seem, I've broken away from creating hulking male characters and this time round my main character is a female Woodelf Sorcerer. She does have a very fetching skinhead inside of the awful in-game flowing locks, and is of deminuative height, but pack one heck of a punch. Her primary role is party healer, so when we're in a guild group raiding some dungeon or other, mycharacter satys in the background healing the party and keeping everyone on their toes. But should things get sticky, she has great crowd control and area of effect skills, being able to harness the destructive power of electricity.

Forgot to mention - she is also a Werewolf, and this is her transformation.
 It's fun getting involved in the PvP (Player vs Player) side of the game also. To date, though, we have lost more than we have won - early days.

One thing I do miss and that is the ability for a character to make a camp fire as they can in 'World of Warcraft'. I always felt it added a sense of atmosphere to plonk your character in front of a roaring camp fire as darkness fell. I miss those moments.

As for other stuff, there is my training which has expanded from my rehab regime into something broader in order to help and encompass flexibility, strength and endurance. But I have to be honest, endurance-wise it is a struggle, but then it wouldn't be fun if it was easy, and we all love a challenge now, don't we?

To close here is a cinematic video promoting the above game: The Elder Scrolls Online - I hope you enjoy it, if nothing more than from a fantasy animation perspective. I love these cinematics - just wish they'd produce feature legnth films like this.


  1. Love That 70's Show... and Big Bang Theory.. just brainy nothings for the evening. I think Elder Scrolls is something I need to look into... Welcome in the letter "E"... thank you!
    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    There's no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

    Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood... is Nuts?

    1. Can any form of tv sitcom ever be anything but 'brainy nothings'? If you know of one that is otherwise I'd be very interested in hearing about it :)

      As for ESO, well, the problem with any MMORPG (massivley multiplayet online role playing game) is that they can't seem to break away from the 'go fetch 5 of this', go kill ten of that', 'you are the only person who can do this', 'the fate of the world rests on your shoulders' malarky.

      In its favour, the voice acting is present throughout and of quite a good standard. The side stories are above average, and themain story is quite good, but standard fantasy MMO faire.

      Games companies and developers these days invest so heavily intotheir games that they no longer break away from the same-old-same-old formulas for fear of losing their fan base, and subsequently, money. So you end up with a perpetual cycle of re-hashed ideas repeadted over and over, but dolled-up to look slightly different than before.

      It's a crying shame, because until the day a developer develops some balls and breaks the MMORPG stagnant cycle of repetition, these games will have the online life duration equivalent of a May Fly - that and being continuously compared to World of Warcraft.

  2. Isn't Netflix wonderful? I loved Breaking Bad. I periodically watch That 70's Show, but I've never seen The Big Bang Theory. It's not on Netflix is it? Law & Order SVU is my other Netflix show, though it has pretty limited seasons.

    I've never gotten into the gaming thing. My other main source of entertainment is reading.

    I keep hearing good things about the iPad. I'm so far behind technologically - still using an old flip phone with no texting.

    1. Danielle,

      The iPad is evil. Truly it is. You think it's nothing but a 'gizmo' then you discover your first 'app'. Then your first e-book. Then your first album on iTunes... THEN you're downloading tunes you loved as a teenager. THEN you're watching catch-up episodes of your favourite shows. THEN you're emailing, sending text messages to your friends' mobiles, THEN you're taking photos and videos.

      Then you wake up one morning and realise the devil has captured your soul with the device he has introduced to the world of mortals... the iPad.

      But on a serious note, it is very handy and you will discover uses for it that begin to make itself indespensible, especially when you place it in a protective case that allows you to stand it up and watch something or listen to music whilst you cook, iron, soak in the bath or lie in bed.

      But there are now other similar devices on the market that do just as much, so if you are thinking of getting yourself one, look around and compare. Seriously, contrary to popular belief, the world isn't Apple shaped.

      And I love books too - screw e-books, give me the traditional feel of a book and the smell of pulped paper any time :)

  3. Ah Netflix... addiction of the finest sort! LOL.
    The Elder Scrolls Online - I haven't played, oddly. I have several of the Xbox versions, but I have never tried the online one. Now I'm curious!

    1. Iagree with you on Netflix :) If I have a gripe about it, it would be that they do not update their film base often enough, but then the service does seem to be more aimed at the 'boxed set' side of entertainment.

      As for The elder Scrolls Online, I am both an old school pencil & paper rp gamer and online gamer, so have these two elements merge is just the sort of downtime distraction I enjoy.

      If, though, you are curious aboust such games, there are totally free alternatives via a games platform (again, free to download and use) called Steam - from there you have access to a plethora of games, free and other wise (even a few retro ones). On Steam is one freebie called 'Neverwinter' which is a f2p (free-to-play) MMORPG, so you can get a taste of such things of which I speak.

      Thanks for stopping by :)