Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Vox the Bag Maker

© copyright 2016 Mark Kelly.
Vox was a highly skilled, yet humble crafter, who believed in the ancient traditions and ways. And it was this that caused many to seek him out and keep his workshop ticking over with producing bespoke pieces of personal attire in the form of belts, containers and bags and satchels, all guaranteed for off-world use.

Then a very rare material arrived at his workshop via his supplier, Gryb. Initially Vox had protested about the high sum of crystal Gryb was demanding, and then he had looked into the box.

His slitted eyes grew wide with wonder. Reaching out gingerly with one of his six appendages, Vox stroked the contents. His gelatinous form visibly rippled with unknown delight. The materials were so soft, warm, and the patterns and colours - such variety!

Carrying the box of new materials into his workshop, his dual brains did a calculation of crystal spent versus potential crystal earnings. Gryb, was known for procuring items and materials from the far reaches of space, and had boasted that this new discovery was virtually inexhaustible and self-sustaining, plus the variety he found on the blue-green planet that orbited a bright, but dying star was amazing. He promised they would both be extremely rich.

Over the phases of the twelve moons during the cycle of amber, word of Vox's new creations spread. And with it the orders trickled in, then flowed in, and now he couldn't keep up the supply with demand.

Gryb was a prophet. His words were a blessing, for the crystal poured in. Vox, now far richer than he could have dreamed of, had two apprentices to help cope with the demand for his 'luxury' bespoke crafted items. One of the apprentices stared in awe as Vox's six appendages moved with dazzling speed as they measured, sliced, cut, shaped and stitched the beautiful, rare material into a gorgeous carrier for a personal scanning device, the surgeon-like tools glinting and twinkling from the myriad of light emitting prisms floating above Vox's head.

Vox looked up. "Tuva. Why it is you stand far away?"
From the far side of the workshop, Tuva, the second of Vox's apprentices slithered towards his master, "Shu'ven, it is the material. Noise it makes is hurting your apprentice." Tuva's form glowed a purple hue showing his embarrassment and shame.

This Vox could understand. "Go and see to the orders, there you will not be affected, Tuva."
His apprentice bowed in relief, "Thank you, Shu'ven."

Making a clicking sound, Vox thought his apprentice was too soft. He looked to the data stream display. The next order was for a purse with which to carry crystal chips. The design was specific, as was the colour request and pattern of material. Vox knew this customer. A very particularly fussy greb, but extremely wealthy and influential.

He reached into the box with three appendages and selected three tiny creatures from within and held them aloft for inspection, scrutinizing colour and patterns. The furry creatures wriggled and made pathetic sounds, which Vox had become accustomed to but hurt his apprentice.

"Shu'ven," asked Vox's other apprentice, Kre'ta, "what are they called?"
Satisfied with  his choice, Vox placed one of the creatures on the work surface Kre'ta had just finished cleaning meticulously.
Slicing and skinning tools in his other appendages, Vox replied, "Gryb calls them, 'keh'tins', the offspring of a creature he calls a 'kaht'."

Beneath Vox's appendage, the kitten meowed pitifully. Vox's appendages went to work.


Elise Fallson said...

You've created quite an interesting universe and character too! Again, you leave me wanting to read more.... :)

Mark K said...

Thank you, Elise - but I fear this is the most I can offer in terms of writing. eternally doomed to be the 'short-short' story writer :(