Sunday, 15 May 2016


Laying languid, limbs slowly moving, mesmerizing in their sinuous contortions, her body a riverbed of unexplored shadows and contours, she beckoned for him to approach.
The night covered them in an ocean of darkness, depths of unexplored shadow pressing in on the silvered orb of light between them, pushing and testing, seeking entry, a chance to swallow them whole. Creatures of the beyond swam in silent hunger around them, seeing but unseen.

  "I am here at your behest." The words he spoke tumbled like sands of an hourglass.
She sighed in the thrill of his seduction, a rippling of pleasure spreading out as his fingers touched her flesh.
  "Yet to be born I hear their crying, and my heart weeps." Her soulful orbs of midnight blue shot through with stardust from a million stars tenderly touched his heart.
  "Together our love will bring them life and our spirits will soar back to the firmament and beyond, to the place where we will be reborn."

As two became one, the silvered orb encased them, its light protecting and warm, slowly lifting and rising through the depths of darkness, chasing away the creatures of the beyond, who cursed and snarled helplessly as they watched the orb pause in its rising, shrinking in size as if squeezed by an invisible force, then with a thudding, concussive shock wave of sound, burst skyward faster than any of the hungry eyes could follow.

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