Sunday, 8 May 2016



  She eased out from under the cool cotton sheet like a ghost and padded across the bare floor boards with feline grace, her movements a ballet of pleasure, moonlight casting her naked form in a pale silver-grey.
  He watched in breathless silence, drinking in her beauty, tears rolling down his cheeks, heart filled with love, his soul at peace with time stood still, the gentle honeysuckle breeze teasing gently across his skin, senses heady and drunk. "You look like a beautiful angel," he sighed.
  "I'm no angel." Her eyes regarded him with feral interest.
  "I know," smiled his voice. "I love you so much."
  A veil of midnight black fell across her face, only the twinkling of her eyes remained, "I must leave."
  "So soon?" He moved to stand in front of her, head bowed like a child scorned.
  She gently lifted his chin with her fingers and kissed his lips tenderly, "Summon me on the morrow of dusk, my love." Her moonlit form fading to nothing as tear drops flowered upon the floor at his feet.

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