Friday, 13 May 2016

The Book

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  "If you want it reach out and take it," he ripped open his shirt, glistening sweat caught in shafts of half-light cutting through the smoky gloom. His hands trembled, breath wavering as a scream, desperate for freedom, clawed at the back of his throat.

The dark mass hovered over the bodies of his family, tiny wet tearing sounds punctuating the bloated silence. Two fiery orbs eased through the shapeless mass of darkness and stared at him.

  "Is it this you fear?" the vicar ripped off his dog collar letting it fall to the floor.
The fiery orbs briefly followed the falling collar, then snapped up, ensnaring him it their burning, hungry stare.
  "No? Then it must be this," his trembling hand went to the gold crucifix. "You want me to take this off? Is that it?"

The fiery orbs pulsed white hot in response.

This was all his fault. His tear-filled eyes looked to the fallen shapes of his beloved family. He had insisted on reading from the book, but his wife knew it was evil. Repeatedly she had told him not to. Little Daniel had begun crying as his father began reciting the Latin within it.
His wife had tried to take the book from him, but a wild fever had taken hold and he lashed out and she fell.

  "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..." his trembling hand gripped the crucifix.

The orbs flared and moved closer.

  "... I will fear no evil..." He ripped the chain from his neck. The foul blackness pounced upon him.

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