Saturday, 7 May 2016


  "Truth is a gift that will set you free," he said, as he lowered himself slowly and gently on top of her.
  "No," she breathed softly, feeling his warmth touching hers. "If I told you my truth it would drown you..."
  As two became one, she climbed the waves of his passion and murmured, "... and we would die."


  1. Truth: That was a great tease. The rest, please. ;)

    1. Elise, so good to see you back here again :) More? Hmm...

      Not sure if you read my A-Z story, sadly I've now taken it down. I think you might of liked it.

    2. Damn. I know I would have.

    3. Hehehe... missed out on 25.5k of wordiness from yours truly. And you know what? It wasn't that difficult, upon reflection. But I've saved it to my pc for safe keeping and further work ;)

      Great way to get a rough idea out for a story.