Friday, 20 April 2012

Artist: Chris Rahn - Day 18 of A - Z

Artist Chris Rahn is another of my favourite fantasy/sci-fi illustrators that I discovered whilst trawling the internet for inspiration after I bought myself a Wacom Bamboo pad.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Washington State Christopher Rahn attended San Francisco Academy of Art where he earned his BFA in Illustration. Since then Chris has worked with a wide variety of clients, such as Wizards of the Coast, Discovery Channel Magazine and the Village Voice, and has had work exhibited at the New York Society of Illustrators.

His style is amazingly varied in subject and approach. I was especially drawn (no pun intended) to his fantasy illustrations, due to the fact he has done considerable work for World of Warcraft, and I being a former World of Warcraft player.

I think you will agree, Chris's work is worthy of your attention. I hope that again, you enjoy the art of display. Just click -> HERE <- to be transported to his site. Have fun :)


JoJo said...

Whooo! He lived in my 2 fave places, SF and Washington State!

Mark K said...

Worthy of a look, then ;)

Cursed Armada said...

Rhan is a bad ass! I love some of the Magic Cards he has done... Personally I'm a huge Justin Sweet fan. His gallery is amazing, I just wish he released more work!

Mark K said...

Hiya buddy - nice to see you stopping by. I'm trying to do a semi-regular slot for artists of the ilk of Chris in the hope of broadening peoples' horizons to what great fantasy and sci-fi art is out there.

Just look out for the 'Art Spot' banner ;)
Hope you're doing well and all is safe and well where you are.


Cassandra said... There you go, I did a blogpost ;)