Thursday, 12 April 2012

Artist: Kekai Kotaki - Day 11 of A - Z

Once again, I am so very, very proud to present to you lovely folks out there in the blogoverse, an extremely talented and imaginative artist by the name of Kekai Kotai, a native son of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Attending Seattle art school, Kekai graduated and secured a job at AreaNet, makers of the Guild Wars franchise, as a texture artist. Through hard work he rose to concept artist, and has now risen, through hard work and talent, to Lead Concept Artist on Guild Wars 2. He is also focusing on a blooming illustration career.

I came across this artist after years of playing Guild Wars and following their art. Kekai has an amazing eye for detail, and combines the use of digital and traditional media to fantastic effect. His work is highly imaginative, evocative and desirable - if ever I were to become a published writer, I'd be hounding Kekai to do the cover art for my book :)

I hope you will enjoy his work as much as I have done, and still do. Not just a great fantasy artist, Kekai Kotaki is a great artist, period!

ADDITIONAL: Kekai Kotai has just opened up his tumblr site - you can get to it by clicking -> HERE <-
it's brilliant :)

~ apologies for the late post - it's been a shite day ~


Amanda Heitler said...

Mind blown by his work. Thank you :)

Although, very sorry to hear you've had a horrible day - Ceri hangover or other stuff?

Mark K said...

Well, first I forgot my mobile phone and missed a job opportunity through a casting agency I signed up with. Then whilst typing out this post I entered an html link and it (or blogger) deleted the whole post. Then I broke my mouse, but couldn't use an old replacement as it wasn't a USB connector - so I ended up driving to PC World and buying a new one. AND then I find out I'm down for a hospital appointment first thing in the morning, but have two clients to see - so I'm cancelling the hospital and tending to my clients (I don't get paid to go to see a doc at the hospital!).

On an up note, though - the mouse I bought from PC World was advertised £10 cheaper than PCW were selling it. So I told them (mainly because I was feeling pissed off), and they said, 'No problem, we'll do a price match for you'. I am proud to say, I did a bloody great impression of a goldfish right at that moment :)

Amanda Heitler said...

Nothing like being thorough. Good for you on grumping at PCW.

Freelancing is a pain. Nobody pays you for not doing stuff and holidays just mean no income. And I speak as one who does and loves it, but with some big reservations.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous images. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Mark K said...

You are most welcome :)