Friday, 27 April 2012

The XX - Day 24 of A - Z

The XX are an English indie pop band, formed in London in 2005. The group released their debut album, XX in August 2009. The album ranked highly on many 'Best of 2009' lists, placing number one on the list compiled by The Guardian and second for NME. In 2010, the band won the Mercury Music Prize for their debut album.

They are currently working on their second album due for release in 2012. Here is the intro track to that debut album. Some of you might find it familiar. I think it is so good I've chosen to let the music do the talking without any distracting images. I absolutely love this track, especially when driving. :)


Kate said...

I love this band thus making this a brilliant post!

Cassandra said...

I really like this band and the husband is nuts about them, so I will let him know about the 2nd album coming up!

Mark K said...

@ Kate - can't fault your reasoning, they are pretty amazing! Nice to see you back :)

@ Cassandra - your hubby shows good taste for two reasons, asides from loving this band, he married you :)