Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ignorance is bliss

    Toothbrushes. We all have one (I hope), and we all use them at least twice a day (again, I hope).
Just recently my wife bought two new electric toothbrushes, mainly due to a BOGOF by our local Boots store (Buy One Get One Free).

These marvels of dental scrubbingness--yes, I know--now replaced our humble hand-operated toothbrushes. Except mine. Of a night (and after lunch if home), before bed I prefer to use my not-so-old hand-held toothbrush, mainly to help massage the gums whilst brushing my teeth, plus it isn't as noisy. Electric in the morning, hand-held at night. Lovely.

My wife's old toothbrush now sits forlornly in the holder doing nothing but looking sad. For her it is electric morning, noon and night.

So, today, Sunday, is house cleaning day. A day when my wife loves to scrub everything thoroughly clean, dust and hoover--even though I tidy up and hoover every day--top to bottom. I stroll into the bathroom only to find said wife with my toothbrush in hand.

Me: "What are you doing with my toothbrush?"

Wife: "This is yours?" Starting to look sheepish, "I thought it was mine."

Me: "No, that's yours in the corner. What are you doing with my toothbrush?"

Wife: Bursts out laughing, turning red in the face because she is laughing so hard.

Me: "What's so funny? What have you done?" A horrible thought is creeping into my head.

Wife: Between fighting for breath and laughing, "I've been using it to clean the sink!"

Me: "!"

Wife: Still laughing hard, "I really thought it was mine."

Me: "!"

Wife: Wiping tears from her eyes, "I've only been scrubbing the plug hole..." Bursts out laughing again at the obvious horror on my face.

Wife: "... and the taps!"

Me: I dare not type my next line of comment.

    So, for the two weeks I've been alternating between the electric toothbrush and my hand-held toothbrush I have shared the latter with the sink. I just hope to Christ that's all she used it to clean!? Ignorance truly is bliss.

PS: bit disappointed with the response to my last 'Blog Spot'. I started the blog spot to help new bloggers gain confidence, meet fellow bloggers, expand their list of blogs and gain followers, and bring them into the blogging community. Three out of one hundred. Sad.

A big thanks to those of you who already have responded :)


Cassandra said...

I have a dentist mandated electric that I am forced to use both morning and evening. It is a fairly recent thing so our old toothbrushes are still in the jug by the sink. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at the eletric monster then at the hand-held, then thought fuck dentists and let my oldie rest in my mouth just for the sensation or childhood memories of having a normal toothbrush instead of all this modern I WILL CLEAN AND SCRUB AND KILL EVERYTHING IN YOUR MOUTH NOOOOOW.

JoJo said...

EWWW Dude you are STILL using the toothbrush after she cleaned the sink with it???????? GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSS! lol

Mark K said...

'Dude'... lol - well, my logic, I've been using all this time and haven't dropped dead, so...

Joshua said...

Haha, oh, that's harsh! I think I'd be more worried about any cleaning chemicals that got put on it. Some of those products are so caustic.

I still use the "analog" model, as it were. The dentist would always hand out a new one after a checkup, so's figured the only waste was in not using each till it eventually dies.

Mark K said...

Your dentist 'gives' you a free toothbrush each time? Wow... why don't they do that here in the UK?

To be honest, it's not as if our home is a shit-tip, I'm just grateful she hadn't been scrubbing the toilet with it... at least I don't think she has? :\

Keebles said...

I do the exact same thing! I feel like the vibrations wake my ready to go to bed brain right up!