Saturday, 21 April 2012

Musings from an astronaut bound to earth - Day 19 of A - Z

Today's post will kill two proverbial birds with one atomic missile - and that is to highlight a newly introduced blog belonging to someone from my gaming past (I shall explain in a moment), and to cover the letter S for the continuation of the A to Z Challenge. So where does the 'S' come in to this, I hear you ask? The word SPOT, or course! Tenuous at best, I'll admit, but I'm just bubbling with enthusiasm for Cassandra and her blog site, and the wonderful world that is our blogoverse in which we swim.

So, Cassandra and I met when I signed up to a guild within the World of Warcraft setting of Azeroth, within a domain (server) called, Darkmoon Faire (European). The guild in question is the Vanguard of Valor, a brilliantly run guild full of mostly mature players, which is a blessing, especially for an old fart like myself. Cassandra has the distinct honour of being one of a few veteran members of the guild, dating back to its embryonic days.

Now, just days ago, Hana, another guildie from both WoW and Guild Wars (and still current in Guild Wars within my guild), suggested putting me in touch with a former guildie from WoW who is also a writer... enter Cassandra. Having read some of Cassandra's writing, I can honestly say that I've found a new avenue of escape in her stories. Inspiring, amusing, touching and thoughtful I feel her writing is worthy of a read.

As is the point of the 'Blog Spot', I'm highlighting Cassandra's site not only because it's full of great writing, but also because it needs more people like YOU to wander over and help reel in Cassandra's site into the warm heart that is our blogoverse community. I know she will benefit greatly from interaction with you writers out there, and vice versa. So, once again, the door is flung wide open for you to show my friend (and talented writer) Cassandra, how amazing our community really is.

To teleport to her blog, please click -> HERE <- :)


Joshua said...

Gee. Why not, eh?

Mark K said...


As always, you're a star ;)

Jen said...

I'm there!

It's great fun to meet people whoa re enthusiastic about writing.

Cassandra said...

Thanks for the people who have stopped by at least. You are doing the work that none of us can manage on our own Mark, bringing introvert nerds together!

Mark K said...

Thank you, Jen... but should I tell Cassandra that you are, in fact, an evil mastermind?


Mark K said...


(Aunty Jen would be proud of that evil laugh!)