Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Irrepressibles - Day 9 of A-Z

I stumbled across this musical troupe toward the last quarter of 2011, purely by accident through an email from Röyksopp, and within it was a plug for their cover of 'In This Shirt', by The Irrepressibles. You can go to The Irrepressibles website by clicking -> here <-

The first song I would like to present to you is taken from their live show at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, from their debut of the MIRROR MIRROR spectacle. One thing to be aware of, these are not just a gathering of musicians, but they are also performers in the sense of being something akin to a living, moving work of art/theatre, as you will see for yourselves. They produce a beautifully rich, deep sound and the singer, Jamie McDermott has an excellent vocal range and control over his voice, the intricacies of which can only truly be appreciated by repeated listening.

**I highly recommend putting this on full screen and adjusting the resolution to that of 720p by clicking on the cog wheel icon in the bottom right corner of the video screen.**

The second offering - yes, I know, I'm spoiling you - is also taken from the MIRROR MIRROR debut album, and is so sublime (to me, at least), that I never tire of it. It is also one of those pieces I can listen to for inspiration if I'm trying to write something that needs emotion, or convey a scene that carries a strong undercurrent of feeling.
Again, I would highly recommend cranking up the settings to fully appreciate this video and the beautiful music. The video is from a film called 'The Forgotten Circus', by director Shelly Love.

I hope you've enjoyed these musical treats as much as I have since discovering them :)


Wayne Assiratti said...

You played these to me before didn't you? They are both great. If you are so disposed to this kind of ambient stuff, you should try Brave by Marillion. A personal favourite of mine.

Elizabeth Twist said...

Well, that's going straight onto my playlist immediately. One of the best things about making friends online is having them curate music for you. Thanks for putting this post together.

I would also recommend DeVotchka, especially Una Volta and some of their earlier stuff, if you're not familiar with them. Similar use of orchestral instruments and haunting male vocalist, although a smaller number of musicians.

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Sylvia Ney said...

New follower here. I’m enjoying reading my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.


Mark K said...

Welcome to the hearth, Sylvia. Nice to have you join us. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Kind regards


Terri Pray said...

Not come across this group before, now I'm going to have to do some digging.

nutschell said...

never heard of this group before but they do sound interesting.
Happy A-Zing!