Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mark's Music - Day 13 of A - Z

Late again! Apologies but I fell asleep on the sofa watching recorded episodes of 'The Big Bang Theory'. Bad habit... falling asleep, that is.

Anyway, lacking inspiration for the letter M, I decided it was best that I take the easy way out and post three of my favourite pieces of music by artists whose name begins with this wonderful letter. This is by no means my definitive choice, but I still love them nonetheless. I hope you enjoy :)

The first piece is a classical selection from Jules Massenet and the 'Last Sleep of the Virgin' - I must confess, I initially bought this on the strength of the cover--purely on artistic merit, of course.
I present to you (and not an easy selection, I hasten to add, as all the tracks are worthy of listing) the title track: Last Sleep of the Virgin.

My second offering is from a lady by the name of Madeleine Peyroux from her album 'Careless Love', an album I came across totally by accident when I was given a pile of CDs by a friend of mine from university.
So here is a rather seductive track entitled: J'Ai Deux Amours.

Now my final offering is a difficult one, as I have so many artists I could choose. But I'm opting for an upbeat song that I bought way back in 1998. It always has me singing along to the chorus with a happy smile on my face. It is from The Mavericks and their song: Dance the Night Away - apologies for the ad before the video.


Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Sometimes easy is not so bad. Good songs.

Amanda Heitler said...

I knew the Massenet (slightly, I have a muso husband), but the others are new to me and not things I'd normally have listened to. Cheers for that, Mark and hope you're having a better time than the last couple of days.

Mina Lobo said...

Dig that "Dance the Night Away" tune! (First time hearing it!)

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