Thursday, 15 July 2021

July Challenge ~ Day 15.

Day fifteen, and it feels...well, it sucks. Maybe this IS my wall, and a few days back was just me out of juice?

Anyway, I shouldn't complain as I'm still able to get through the session, after which I feel a sense of masochistic satisfaction of having pushed myself and proved my tired body (and mind) wrong.
Today's heat in work did not help, and it's getting hotter according to the forecasts for the next few days.

I just wish television would run ad campaigns to remind morons NOT to leave their dogs (or children) in their car in ANY kind of heat, and for that matter, in the cold too - dogs can also get hypothermia.
I'd rather they - the main stream media - focused on saving the lives of animals rather than worry about pronouns. But then, animals don't have cash to give. I leave a LINK to the RSPCA web page regarding the above.

No 'Hell Set', just cardio, into a legs triple set, then on with an upper chest triple set to finish. My apologies if I seem rushed this evening, but I'm absolutely desperate to get something to eat. Poor excuse, I know, but true.

I now leave you with 'This Mortal Coil' and the beautifully haunting song, 'Another Day'.

Enjoy, until next time.

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