Thursday, 22 July 2021

July Challenge ~ Day 22.

I'm tired. Really tired. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. All due to a multitude of things cascading together in a steady waterfall of circumstance. My one relief is that the day is now over and tomorrow is my rota day off. Short lived, though, as I have people to see at the clinic in the afternoon, the upside - the weather is going to be dry, sunny and perfect for a motorbike ride into work.

This evening's session was a bit in reverse. A mix of legs, core and upper back, finishing off with a twenty minute fat burning ride on the exercise bike. I seriously felt like stopping within the first five minutes. Fatigue screamed at me from my legs, my brain was complaining about the humid temperature, and that bloody bike seat was a literal pain in the arse. So I put my head down, focused on my breathing, pictured my legs flowing with energy and pushed through, finishing with a strong 98.8% performance rating. Yes, the Renpho app does that, and compares your performance to other Renpho riders tackling the same riding mode as yourself.

No 'Hell Set' to speak of, but there is one honourable mention - Hip Raise with Knee Squeeze. The knee squeeze comes into play with a cushion, exercise pad or something equally squishy and bulky to grip between your knees. This one was a burner for lower erector muscles, hip flexors, glutes, hams and adductors. This one I did 4 x 10 reps.

My cold bath is running as I type, and I'm already gasping for another glass of water, so it's music time again. Tonight I give you John Hopkins and the beautifully relaxing, 'Abandon Window', taken from his album, 'Immunity' (oh, the irony).
I highly recommend listening to this track on a good set of headphones, relaxed, and in the dark. Thank me later.

Enjoy, until next time.

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