Sunday, 25 July 2021

July Challenge ~ Day 25.

Cardio day. Yay.

Yeah, I find it rather difficult to get excited, enthusiastic, eager or revved up to hop on to my nut-crusher of an exercise bike seat and crank out 30 minutes of fat burning hell. But I have, and now it's done and my legs are quietly tingling with blood gorged veins and capilliaries, and my butt is breathing a sigh of relief - and no, that's not a euphemism for farting. Shame on you!

So, today's 'Hell Set' was the entire 30 minutes of fat burning - on an empty stomach! Although I'm glad I've done it, as always. It's just the actual process I'm not so much in love with. Running I could cope with, as you had a cooling breeze, changing scenery, sometimes rain, varying terrain, sometimes seeing folks you knew and that lovely, calming settling of your heart, lungs and body into that rhythmic, almost hypnotic cadence of foot hitting ground.

Yup, I really do miss running.

So, before I wail into my computer screen about the injustice of this cruel, cruel world and 'woe is me!' (joking, obviously), I'll move on to the music for today.

I love The Stranglers, 'Golden Brown', so fitting for a Sunday summer afternoon. 

Enjoy, until next time.

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