Saturday, 3 July 2021

July Challenge ~ Day 3.

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Car alarms. What a huge pain in the arse they can be, especially when your neighbour's car alarm goes of at 0430 in the morning and doesn't knock it off until almost a quarter of an hour has elapsed.

This was the start to my day, today. Woken by said car alarm, I got up to check all was ok, which, aside from the banshee wailing of  the car alarm, turned out to be the case. But I couldn't get back to sleep, so, to hell with it, I thought, and went downstairs and tidied up the kitchen and fed our very demanding cat.

I had three clients booked into the clinic for Sports Massage, so once the kitchen was sorted I prepped my clinic gear for the morning ahead. By the end of my clinic session I was drained. The drive home was more or less via autopilot. Not ideal, I know, but the roads were mercifully quiet for a change.

Being home alone for the weekend I had tasks awaiting my return, and these required my immediate attention before I dared write out my day's training program. Once all tasks were completed I needed food, so whilst that cooked in the oven I took our ageing dog, Darcy, out for her afternoon drag - she's now 15, practically fully deaf, losing her sight, arthritic and possibly suffering a touch of dementia (getting old is a bastard, it really is), so a gentle stroll was order of the day. Finally home, I fed both cat and dog, then myself - and almost immediately fell asleep on the sofa. Bad thing to happen.

I awoke ten minutes later, neck stiff, and feeling like crap. Next, I did the worst thing possible. Went upstairs for a lie down. You know, that, 'Oh, I'll just have 10 minutes kip', theory. Bad idea. That was mid afternoon. I awoke at 1030-ish at night. And I felt just as crappy. 

So, irritated with  myself, I pulled my shit together and got down to the session at hand. Only difference being, this time no bike warm up, just gentle stretching, as my legs were aching from the previous day's session.
I focused on upper body and back. It was hell. I grumbled all the way through it in my head, berating stupid me for doing such a dick thing as falling asleep for so long. Now my body clock is out of whack.

But hey, shit happens and you deal with it, right? Today was no different.

I leave you with today's song, by Faithless, and 'Insomnia'.


Until next time.

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