Tuesday, 6 July 2021

July Challenge ~ Day 6.

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A day off from work, so I was able to train at a more sensible time today. This session consisted of bodyweight exercises primarily targeting core.

Possibly one of the best core systems on display, before it became widely popularised in modern film, was that of Mr Bruce Lee. I'm not by any means stating he had the ultimate of core systems, but his was one that drew attention to the whole aspect of what the potential for a disciplined and strong core system was capable of and looked like, later to be supplanted by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and others.

The importance of core is immense, and something people simply do not understand, and the intrinsic relationship it has with the gluteal system, which is basically the bodies engine and drive unit. These are essential to be in good working order. If one is dysfunctional then the other is going to be affected and will follow suit.
Your gluteal system is a synergist and fixator, and the core is the stabilising 'girdle' which holds the body upright and strong, especially the spine, allowing for rotational movements ranging from minute adjustments to large, powerful twists, e.g. a golf swing. Plus it keeps all the internal organs safe and secure, not to mention, in place.

So today's session focused on that aspect of the body, and no surprise what my 'Hell Set' consisted of.
Once again, it is performed as a 'Super Set'.
Here it is, unaltered:

4 x 20 Slow Mountain Climbers - alternating opposite knee to opposite elbow = 1 rep

4 x 30 Shallow Leg Kicks (10 reps)
           Cross-over Kicks    (10 reps)
           Scissor Kicks          (10 reps)

This set hurt me, but not in the way of an injury, but fatigued my core so rapidly that I couldn't help but let out the odd expletive here and there as I had to seriously push myself not to give in and lower my feet.

*IMPORTANT: Do not drop your feet when stopping these exercises, you risk injury in doing so. Lower to the ground with control, then relax... and curse some more.

Shallow leg kicks are performed as if you are kicking in water on your back, toes slightly pointed in. By 'shallow', your feet should start roughly six inches off the floor and travel no further than another six-to-eight inches in the kicking phase.

Cross-over kicks start with your leading foot below your off foot. So if you are right side dominant, your right foot starts UNDER your left, and vice-versa. It is, in essence, a mini scissor kick, but you alternate placing your feet one above the other. 
The foot you count the reps with is the one starting under the other. Up and over and back again = 1 rep.

Scissor kicks are just that, feet start together, then open, so both feet travel away from the midline of the body, and then return coming to a brief rest together = 1 rep.

Throughout these exercises it is important you engage the glutes 100% for the duration, until all three exercises are complete. Also, keep your lower back flattened to the floor throughout, and engage your core abdominal region. Do not hold your breath.

Today's song is by Garbage, from the album of the same name, and is entitled, 'Crush' - which, incidentally, is part of the film soundtrack for the brilliant film, 'William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet'. Click HERE to see the official trailer from 1996.


Until next time.

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