Friday, 16 July 2021

July Challenge ~ Day 16.

What an intensely hot day it's turned into today. So-much-so, that for me, I find it quite uncomfortable to be under the sun's glare for any great length of time.

I had two clients booked in for the early afternoon, and upon finishing my treatment sessions I returned to my car, opening the door had the very same effect on me as when I open our oven door after cooking, the blast of heat from inside my vehicle was quite intense. It was insanely hot inside my car.

At the risk of being boring, I'll repeat my message from the previous post:


People will complain that their dog has separation anxiety if left at home. Whilst that can be upsetting for the dog and a bit messy for the returning owners, having your dog, quite literally, be cooked from the inside out after being left inside a car in the baking sun is a better prospect? 

Imagine the EXTREME suffering, distress, anxiety and slow agonising death your beloved family pet endured whilst you, the so-called 'responsible, loving, and caring' dog owner, strolls around the supermarket, taking your time deciding if you should get skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.

If it were down to me, I'd lock same said owners in a car just for an hour, windows shut, no air, with the midday sun baking down on the vehicle. Then see how they feel about the situation. After which, I would serve them with a lifetime ban on owning ANY animal. 

Yes, I get angry over this. But I won't apologise for it.

Advise if you do find such a situation with a dog baking to death in a car - we are told to use your mobile device to record the temperature, THEN break a window of said vehicle, and call the Police.

Back to the point at hand - today's session: legs, upper chest and shoulders. Nothing stunningly creative, but God, was it draining in this heat. No particular 'Hell Set', but what I will share is my favourite set from the session.
Something I now call the, '9 o'clock - 3 o'clock' set. This is a delt / trapezius set with dumbbells.
Either performed with external rotation of the wrist, placing the hand into a hammer grip with the dumbbell - this will hit your anterior delt.
Or wrist in internal rotation, so the backs of your hands face the ceiling when lifting the dumbbell. This will hit the mid delt.

Picture the top down view from above your head. The way you face is 12 o'clock. Both arms raise at the same time, left arm abducts away from the body, the right arm away in front of the body - so from above your arm positioning would resemble the 9 o'clock position on a clock face. Arms then return to resting position. That is ONE REP.
SECOND REP you repeat the move, but now the left arm is raised in front of the body, and the right arm abducted out to the side. This is now the 3 o'clock position. Arms return to rest position, and that's the second rep done.

And so it goes: 9 o'clock - 3 o'clock - 9 o'clock - 3 o'clock, etc.

To begin with I would suggest 4 x 10 reps. Start light. Eventually build up to 4 x 20 reps, again, be mindful of the weight. It's a great delt / traps burner. Have fun with it.

I leave you with 'Here Comes The Sun', from The Beatles. Enjoy, until next time.

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