Saturday, 24 July 2021

July Challenge ~ Day 24.

 Keeping this one very short and sweet as I'm really in need of sleep. Apologies, but today was a heavy one at the clinic, and being up since 0430hrs courtesy of our old, deaf, partially-sighted and slightly senile dog, Darcy, I'm now running on fumes.

Hell Set - YES! We have a winner! In this evening's session, it was all about the arms. About two thirds through the session was a bicep curl into shoulder press (3 x 20). This one drained the strength out of arms and shoulders combined, almost to the point of wanting to drop my dumbbells. Not recommended. Seriously. Especially when barefoot.

And the musical offering for this evening? I give you David Bowie's brilliant theme song to the 1982 remake of the classic 1942 film, 'Cat People' - the remake starred a young and very beautiful Natassja Kinski. I recall taking an equally beautiful French exchange student by the name of Nadia, to watch this film at one of Cardiff city centre's cinemas. An amazing film for an amazing period in my life.

Enjoy, until next time.

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